CAT (Composition Analysis Toolkit) 组分分析工具

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CAT是一个分析核酸中密码子使用偏性(codon usage bias)、密码子偏差系数(Codon Deviation Coefficient)等特征的分析工具。

CAT (Composition Analysis Toolkit) is a software package that includes a novel measure of codon usage bias, Codon Deviation Coefficient (CDC). Unlike previous measures, CDC effectively accounts for background nucleotide composition in estimating codon usage bias and utilizes a bootstrap assessment of the statistical significance of codon usage bias.



Zhang, Z., Li, J., Cui, P., Ding, F., Li, A., Townsend, J.P., and Yu, J. (2011) Codon Deviation Coefficient: a novel measure for estimating codon usage bias and its statistical significance

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